Emo Girls and Emo Guys Hairstyles

Emo Girls and Emo Guys Hairstyles

Emo girls and emo boys hairstyles have remained very much similar for quite some time. However, over a period, emo boys and emo girls both are trying out newer hairstyles in line with the changing philosophy of emo culture and beliefs.

Emo girls hairstyles are changing rapidly as compared to emo boys hairstyles. Emo girls are more modern. Therefore, emo girls can be spotted wearing fashionable hairstyles such as long, curly, rounded bobs, loose, and messy with fringes and sexy short mullets. Emo girls don't mind to spend time on the upkeep of the hairstyles. Emo girls are also open to trying out several new tones and highlights including multi-color highlights.

Emo guys are little more conservative about frequent changes in the hairstyles. Emo guys believe that the hairstyle should not be such that it demands frequent care, maintenance and updo. Emo guys hairstyles have seen some of the trends like medium and shaggy and with a punchline that it should combine right style and utility.

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