2009 Spring Haircuts - Katie Holmes Hairstyles Pictures

When Katie Holmes, the star of major hit movies such as “Mad Money” and “The Dark Knight,” wears a new hairstyle, every major hairstylist in the country notices her choice!

Katie has proven to be a true trendsetter for her sexy hairstyles. She is one of those lucky girls with a perfectly oval face and supremely delicate features, and there just aren’t many looks that don’t work for her, as attested by the mountainous volume of paparazzi photos and glamorous spreads in the best fashion magazines. Her flexibility and talent for looking good in any hair became evident in the second year of “Dawson’s Creek,” the hit TV series that launched her career.

When she did wear short styles, Katie discovered that they looked great on her. Since then, she has become a real leader in the rediscovery of the bob. With her pixie nose and chin, a short bob looks great on Katie, and she has exploited this in several grand red carpet appearances. Marriage and parenthood has led Katie back to longer hairdos, however. Today, she is usually seen in long and wavy glamour looks, having left the bob behind in the days of her girlhood.

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