Emo Girls with Emo Haircut in 2009

Emo Girls with Emo Haircut in 2009

Emo girls haircut and Emo boys haircut seemingly appear similar however; on minute observations, one can easily notice the differences. Emo girls haircuts display the following characteristics.

• Long bangs highlighted by bright and deep colors
• Highlights should necessarily be in contrast to the basic hair color
• Lighter colors like purple, green and white blonde are generally preferred colors

• The overall style should reflect individual personality without any hard and fast rules and restraints.
• As far as possible, the bangs should be large and on the sides. Moreover, part of the bang should be allowed to fall on the front side of the face and bound tightly with hair bands or clips
• Bangs generally cover the eyes on the right or left side of the face and the opposite of the hair should be cut shorter. Bangs should create a unidirectional style.
• Finally, the haircut style must reflect an unconventional and messy look. It does not matter how you do it but the end result should display a style that is far apart from the archetypal hairstyles.

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