Curly Emo Hairstyles in 2009

Curly Emo Hairstyles in 2009

Everywhere you look among emo kids – you se curly emo hairstyles. It seems 2009 is the year for them. Especially band members and their followers seem to feature these curly locks. Curly emo hairstyles scream out, “I am a fashionista, I am emo kid.”

I think – from being on some forums – that all emo kids and non-emo kids too love these cause they are kewl and flattering to the kid who wears them. Cut your hair in all different lengths and curl parts of it preferably only on one side for a unique look. Tint the ends blue and purple too.

Lotta emo dos are dyed jet-black and that looks good with the curly emo styles too. Represent your inner emo to the world. If you’re new to the emo scene – try wearing a band shirt and dying some of your curls to match the colors in the t-shirt. You can develop your own version of emo cool.

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