Cute Easy Hairstyles

Do you remember those good old days when you use to go to the barber with your dad once a month? Your dad would usually say “just a little off the sides” and the whole visit would be over in 15 minutes, including the requisite few minutes of chatting with the local barber.

Well, we don’t really see all that many barbers anymore, but we now have male and female stylists trained to offer both female and male customers a wide variety of haircuts and styles. Specifically, the offerings for cute cuts and hairstyles aimed at men have grown in leaps and bounds. This is welcome news! Now, men have a very nice variety of hairstyles, both short and long to choose from.

Perhaps the best example of this is when you look at male celebrities. The crew cut is always a favorite and is a big seller these days. This cute cut is great for men who are concerned about graying hair or hair loss.

It is interesting to see how men can be judged by their hairstyles, as much as women can which is yet another reason to find a stylist you are comfortable with and to experiment with the best hairstyle for you. Gone, are the days where you could just “pass the scissors” through your hair and hope for the best.

While men have more and more selections to choose from, they still manage to spend less time in the stylist chair than women do! Indeed, men can get a very cute, short cut and hairstyle in about half the time of a woman! Unfair, yes, but somehow true.

Below are examples of cute hairstyles for mens :

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