Takeshi Kaneshiro Hairstyles For Mens

Takeshi Kaneshiro has achieved mainstream success through his work in television, movies music and video games. His hair has been every length and style and many people want to have Takeshi Kaneshiro Hairstyles.

Takeshi Kaneshiro Long Hairstyles For Mens

You should look at pictures of him and decide what look you want to emulate. You may have to let your hair grow since many of his looks are on the long side. If your hair tends to have problems with volume while it grows, use gel consider pulling it into a small ponytail until those long enough to get to cut you desire.

Takeshi Kaneshiro Medium Hairstyles For Mens

You do need to go to a salon armed with as many pictures of Takeshi from many different angles as you possibly can. You want to go to an Asian salon if it all possible, since many of his looks are layered no matter what the length and these hairstylists will be more accustomed to the cutting process used on his hair.

The long and medium hairstyles are typically been out and slightly tapered at the ends with longish layers. They may use razors or scissors to thin your hair, and if you have had this done and have a preference make sure that the stylist uses that method. Some will be cheap better results with one over the other. This shaping to the hair will keep it wispy looking as it grows instead of choppy and awkward.

If you prefer the short, spiky hair you'll still need to get at the end and tapered. The layers are left to longer on top with shorter sides, styling is achieved through gel. If you're unsure of how to achieve the spikes, ask the stylists to show you how to get them at home since this look is made through styling more than cut.


Takeshi Kaneshiro Short Hairstyles For Mens

Takeshi Kaneshiro Hairstyles are attractive and help make you look like a Hong Kong superstar.

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