12 Popular Hairstyles For Men

In Dallas, it seems, there is typically little thought given to how the groom should be dressed, groomed, and accessorized; it is also your day and you should look your best. The tux may be chosen, the boutonniere fitted, and shoes picked out; but how will you best address your hairstyle for your big day? There are a variety of popular hairstyles grooms use on their wedding day to look their very best. Here are 12 of the most popular hairstyles in Dallas for men.

Shaved: One of the options for a popular hairstyle is just to shave your head. If you wonder if this is attractive or popular, look to beauties like Bruce Willis.

Buzz cut: Closely related to the maintenance free shaved cut, is the buzz cut. Signature of army men, the buzz cut offers a clean and attractive look for any man's wedding day.

Caesar cut: Another popular option for your male hairstyle is what is called the Caesar cut. It is characterized by short length and a horizontal cut resembling that of Julius Caesar.

The Business Man cut: The Business Man cut is another short haircut that many men enjoy because it is low maintenance but also very conservative and formal looking. While there a variety of ways in which this look can be altered, the gist is that the hair is parted on the side and tapered in the back and on the sides.

The Fade cut: The Fade cut is another tapered hairstyle for men, and tapers up on the sides and back of the head. This one is similar to another popular style, the Flattop cut.

Faux Hawk: The Faux Hawk is certainly reserved for more informal and fun weddings but is definitely becoming more and more popular with men at the moment. It is just like a Mohawk, but the hair is just styled to look like it is shaved on the sides.

Spikes: Of the same informal effect as the Faux Hawk, the spiked hairstyle can add some fun to any wedding day. Spikes are fashioned with hair gel so that hair stands up straight. The great thing about spikes is that they can be more formal or more fun-it really depends upon the groom.

Short Back and Sides: One of the most classic hairstyles for men, both then and now, is the style that is associated with short sides and a short back, with the hair left long on the top. This is a classic but stylish hairstyle for any groom looking for a versatile haircut.

Shag: The shag is of course a tribute to the 1970s long layered style in men, and can be quite a popular and attractive cut depending on the face and style of the man wearing it. This cut requires longer hair-at least below the ears-and is an alternative look to many formal haircuts used for groom's wedding hairstyles.

Bowl Cut: Another alternative option for a wedding hairstyle is the bowl cut-also signature of a retro style. The bowl cut is characterized by long sides, back, and front-picture a bowl being upside down and placed on your head.

Layered: More and more fashionable men are also choosing to have their hair layered for their wedding days. Layers come in short and long styles depending on what look you are seeking, but cannot also define the man's face well but also add a fashionable flair to his ensemble.

Burr: The burr is closely related to the buzz cut and is closely cropped, but not necessarily as short as a buzz cut. It offers the same low maintenance but professional look for any wedding day.

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