How to Cut A Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top haircut
Flat Top haircut

There are many assorted styles available to men who prefer medium to daylong hair. Short haircuts and styles are more limited, depending on the length digit is willing to leave the hair. Still, many grouping do not know how to revilement a insipid crowning haircut.

The prototypal travel in selection a insipid crowning is to take a unify of electric shears and revilement the material on the sides and back of the nous short. Different grouping use assorted guards to achieve assorted lengths in this area, but the rule of thumb is the shorter, the better.

Next, the remaining material is usually washed and blown parched so that it stands straight up. The material on the crowning is then revilement to a length of about 1 inch. As the shears or scissors advise toward the rattling crowning of the head, the material is revilement to shorter lengths to maintain the insipid attendance of the ended haircut. This anorectic field at the crowning is known as the "landing strip" because it resembles a anorectic grass landing field at a rural airfield from above.

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