Johnny Depp 'John Dilinger' Hairstyle

Johnny Depp 'John Dilinger' hairstyle
Johnny Depp 'John Dilinger' Hairstyle

The favourite actor Johnny Depp has played several iconic roles such Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, and Jack Sparrow. In every role he takes on a different personality, each with its mannerisms and signature looks. He has absent from crazy curly hair in Scissorhands to the intricately braided style in Pirates of the Caribbean. In his latest offering, Public Enemies, we will witness a Johnny Depp 'John Dilinger' hairstyle. The movie transports audiences to the instance of the Great Depression, when outlaws were gaining notoriety because of the daring exploits.

Johnny Depp 'John Dilinger' Style
Johnny Depp 'John Dilinger' style

Johnny Depp 'John Dilinger' Hairstyle

Note, though, that Dilinger's hair on top and in front was not long, but he ease combed it back nonetheless, giving his nous an awkward shape. Johnny Depp's hair was made longer and crapper even be parted in the middle.

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