Mario Lopez Short Hairstyle

Mario Lopez short hairstyle
Mario Lopez short hairstyle

Mario Lopez Jr. is a Mexican-American actor born in San Diego, CA on October 10, 1973. He is possibly best famous for his persona as A. C. Slater on the television series "Saved by the Bell". More recently, he has starred in the television movie "Breaking the Surface, the Greg Louganis Story" in the persona of Olympic diver, Greg Louganis. He was also seen as a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" and currently as the patron of the television programme magazines"Extra".

Mario Lopez classic formal hairstyle
Mario Lopez classic formal hairstyle

Lopez wears a classic tapered hairstyle that is common among businessmen around the world. His hair is cut in layers and combed toward the side and back. This combing method gives the hair some body and makes it blow a little bit up from the head.

Use of a razor to cut the top hair also provides part of the texture that makes this hairstyle look so beatific on Lopez.

Mario Lopez tapered hairstyle
Mario Lopez hairstyle

The overall gist of the tapered back and sides along with the razor texturing of the material on crowning is digit that is aesthetically pleasing and unexceptionable in any location. The style is easy to maintain and is therefore popular among many assorted types of men in assorted walks of life.

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