On the Street....Emerald, Milano

This young man of emerald is Gert Jonkers, co-Publisher of FANTASTIC MAN.

FANTASTIC MAN has quickly become one of my favorite men's style guides printed today. I hesitate to call it a magazine because it is just so much cooler than most of the men's magazines available right now. It is also one of the few men's magazines that is heavily devoted to fashion, style and the gentlemen that excel in that arena.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up now is within the pages of their latest edition. Inside, Gert and Jop (another co-Publisher) have quietly introduced, "THE GENTLEWOMAN."

I know, we don't need another new women's fashion magazine right now. However, I say we don't need another bad women's fashion magazine right now. I think THE GENTLEWOMAN has a chance to be something truly different. I am very excited that the first two big interviews and related editorials feature super cool women, Melanie Ward and fashion PR powerhouse, Karla Otto.

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