Rock Star Hairstyles

Elvis Presley rock star hairstyle
Elvis Presley hairstyle

Rock grapheme hairstyles are nothing new. They hit been around at small since Elvis Presley

As sway evolved, so did the hairstyles of sway stars. Before the Beatles, every self-respecting sway grapheme imitated Elvis. Then came the album, "Meet the Beatles" and the long-haired look became the mandatory sway grapheme style.

In retrospect, there wasn't anything very immoderate about the Beatles' so-called "mop-top", but at the time, allowing your material to completely counterbalance your ears was radical, indeed. Not to be outdone, the Beatles' nearest rivals, the Rolling Stones, grew their material even longer. That way continued throughout the sixties and into the seventies until shoulder size material was eventually considered to be excessively short. stepped onto the stage of the Ed Sullivan show way back when. His mussed material and long sideburns created almost as much of a stir as did his hip gyrations, which were edited out of the footage for being "obscene."

Rod Stewart rock star hairstyle
Rod Stewart's rock star hairstyle

Rock star hairstyles continuing to evolve. When Rod Stewart went solo, he became as well-known for his hairstyle as he was for his beautiful wife. Later, when he was well into his forties, he commented that digit of the prices of fame was the "ridiculous hairstyle" that had become his trademark.

Cool rock star hairstyle from Chester Bennington.
Chester Bennington clipper cut hairstyle

Today, sway star hairstyles hit taken a turn that some old rockers may find disturbing. The clipper cut call has been popularized by Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. Short on the sides but with just enough length on top to hit a slightly grungy edge, digit of the advantages of this call is that you can get it at your local barbershop.

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