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Scene hairstyle with long side swept fringe
Long fringe hair

Another aspect of scene hairstyles is ofttimes a spiky appearance. This is normally toward the back of the honor of the head, but crapper be anywhere. Achieving this look is simply a concern of applying styling gel or mousse to the material and actuation up so that it stands in place in several assorted spots.

Spiky appearance

A final characteristic of scene hairstyles that is getting on quickly is the use of material dyes to create unequalled patterns of colouration within the hair. Most often, the material is dyed black and then another colouration is practical to create one or more stripes or just a blob of color. Bright colors are the order of the day.

Scene hairstyle

Any compounding of the above aspects of scene hairstyles can be used to create a look that is unique to the individual. Expressing one's individuality is, after all, the whole reason for adopting a scene or emo lifestyle.

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