Significance And History Of Dreadlocks

Bob Marley with his dreadlocks hairstyle

As a hairstyle, the history of dreadlocks is daylong and significant. Most commonly associated with the Rastafarian culture in modern times, dreadlocks have been attrited dating all the way backwards to ancient Egypt.

Oddly enough, the arts meaning of dreadlocks is essentially a religious digit that spans many assorted cultures. The name, dreadlocks, has two possible etymologies. In digit possibility, the articulate is inspired by the dread this hairstyle inspires in those who see warriors act much locks. The another choice is related to the Rastafarian articulate for \"fears the Lord.\"

According to Hindu scriptures, the god, Shiva, and his followers wore a hairstyle called \"jaTaa\" which effectuation twisted locks of hair. Early Greeks, several Pacific Ocean civilizations, and whatever religious groups of various religions have attrited hairstyles that formed locks and could be termed dreadlocks.

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