Tips haircuts for hair that best suits your face

The way your hair haircuts can affect the overall appearance. You can arrange with the various models that haircut look more more Young, slimmer or more beautiful. Match your hairstyle to your facial contours.
  • If you want to create a younger image, select the model's hair haircuts which ends in a blow out. This model is attractive to the eye, creating the impression younger. Fringe can be used to cover the wrinkles in the forehead and the tail of the eye, and disguise fine lines. For a more naturalistic results, use a vent brush blow-dry scat. You can combine the performance by giving highlights on the top of my head that brighten and soften the skin so fine lines less noticeable. if your skin has a hangar basic color, select the highlight color or a golden caramel color. But if your skin has a cool base color, select the highlight color beige or gray.
  • Want a full face seem more slender, select the model of long layer hair. This extended style facial hair to create the impression is more slender. Hair waves can give the impression more slender body, because a lot of balancing proportion. To create large waves, hair curlers with a large roller when sleeping. While the model's hair can be streamlined side Belch chubby cheeks. This is to draw the eye to one side of the face thus creating the impression is more slender. Avoid long bob sedagu model because it makes his face seem more round.
  • Model haircuts tied high, can make a face and eyes seem more refreshed and more beautiful. You can decorate it by taking a bit of hair and bond to cover the rubber hair tie. To balance a large part of the face, you should select the model of full volume at the top of his head. When her hair, apply a volumizing mousse on top of his head. Sputtered with cold air from the dryer, holding up her hair with her fingers. Bob angle model suitable for thin-lipped face, while the long bob hair sedagu with dipapas razor edge draw a line in the face of the jaw. Thus creating the illusion of a fuller mouth.

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