Tommy Sands Classic Bouffant Hairstyle

Tommy Sands bouffant hairstyle
Tommy Sands hairstyle

Tommy Sands was a favourite vocaliser and actor in the late 1950s. Born in Chicago with the name Tommy Adrian Sands, he grew up with a love of music, especially land music that led to his performance of what would now be termed rockabilly. Sands was considered by many to be a teen idol and was a equal of Elvis Presley. They even shared the same manager, Colonel Parker.

Tommy Sands wore a modify bouffant hairstyle. Although this constituent was made more favourite by ladies hairstyles of the time, it is still an appropriate name for Sands' hairstyle. The word bouffant comes from the land word message "puffy". This is a perfect description of the style as it was combed and styled in such a way as to make it blow out from the crowning of the head and materialize to have more volume than was actually there.

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