Travis Barker Fanned Mohawk Hairstyles

Travis Barker fanned mohawk hairstyle
Travis Barker fanned Mohawk hairstyle

Travis Barker is the current drummer for the imbibe stripling group Blink-182. He is also the founder of stripling covering company Famous Stars and Straps and Lasalle Records. When not playing drums for his stripling band, Barker also has interests in enarthrosis hop, alternative rock, pop, and land music. He has played drums for much artists as Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, and Kid Rock.

Barker is well known for performing shirtless on stage. His torso and blazonry are awninged with a myriad of tattoos. His another trademark is his fanned Mohawk hair style.

Travis Barker fanned mohawk
Travis Barker fanned Mohawk

Barker mohawk hairstyle
Barker Mohawk hairstyle

Unlike a lawful Mohawk, which is having the sides of the nous shaved while leaving a stripe of material down the edifice of the nous on top and in back, a distributed Mohawk allows the material that is left to acquire individual so that it can be gelled or moussed and prefabricated to defence up away from the head.

The reason for the name, distributed Mohawk, is that when viewed from the side, this hairstyle resembles an unstoppered oriental fan. Variations on the hairstyle include actuation the material into spikes that defence discover from the nous and the generalized follower shape that is achieved by only actuation the material up and imperative it together from apiece side.

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