A Walk with Mr. Barbera, Milano

Mr. Barbera (some men just seem to command the title Mr., anyway) is one of the most elegant gentlemen I know. Of course he always looks great but it's his manners and his manner that really set him apart.

Manners and grace are soooo important to great style. Would Cary Grant be Cary Grant without his grace? I'm telling you guys, women really notice that stuff.

Anyone know of a good book on manners for gentleman and young men? One that's actually modern and reflective of today's society. I'm not kidding but I saw one for young girls done by American Girl and I thought it was great. I'm buying it for my girls for their birthdays (I already know the response it will get but, I'm doing it anyway...they'll thank me later).

While we were walking together Mr. Barbera kept stopping to emphasize a point he was making in the conversation. Usually this was done with very emphatic but graceful hand gestures (like any good Italian). Though I was listening closely to what he was saying, I was also looking closely at his gloves!

Garance has been on me about not buying so many new clothes and instead wearing the clothes I have if I want them to age gracefully. While I was shooting Mr. Barbera I was wearing a pair of slightly darker brown pecari leather gloves and I kept thinking to myself...."My gloves are going to look just like that in about two years." Of course, about an hour later, I lost them in a taxi on the way to the Gucci show!

Take note gentlemen, this is not that hard to do but very rewarding.

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