Wattie Buchan Fanned Mohawk Hairstyle

Wattie Buchan Mohawk hairstyle
Wattie Buchan Fanned Mohawk hairstyle

Wattie Buchan is the lead vocaliser for the punk rock group The Exploited. Born Walter Buchan in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 24, 1956, he served a stint in the British Army before he returned bag and joined the band his brother had started in his absence. He quickly took over the duties of face man and has led the band ever since. Their early music was of the street punk variety, but is now exhibiting more of a thrash influence.

Wattie Buchan punk Mohawk hairstyle

Buchan wears his hair in what is basically a traditional punk hairstyle, the fanned Mohawk. A Mohawk consists of having the head shaved on both sides, leaving a strip of hair downbound the region that is allowed to acquire to different lengths. Dye is ofttimes applied to the hair that remains to produce wild colors and stripe effects that make the style a evidence of the person's individuality.

In the case of the fanned Mohawk Buchan favors, the strip of hair is allowed to acquire out fairly long and is arranged so that it has the attendance of a fan when viewed from the side. This arrangement is ofttimes more stylish and aesthetically pleasing than the spiked Mohawk favored by many of the younger punk rockers.

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