Hairstyles That Are Geared Towards Men

Hairstyles That Are Geared Towards MenIn this world, there are many types of hairstyles for both men and women. But not all hairstyles are suitable for men. To get the best hairstyle for men, you need to know what type of hairstyles are popular for men. Here are some of the hairstyles that are meant from men:
Butch Haircut

This is a kind of a short hair cut. It is one of the most popular among men. A clipper is used to style a butch haircut. The length of the hair on the top must be equal and hair on the side can be thinner but not necessary. Men love shorter hair because it has a more stylish and cleaner look. Some of the celebrities who do have this kind of hairstyle are Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine from Maroon 5.

Surfer Hair

Hairstyles That Are Geared Towards MenSurfer Hair is popularized by surfers. The style of a surfer hair can be attain naturally or by use of products that are made for styling a surfer hair like gel and wax. Naturally, a surfer's hair is bleach because of the sunlight and the style was caused by the sand and seawater. This is a sporty look and one of the sexiest haircuts for men. Some celebrities like Brad Pitt and David Beckham used to have this style of hair. The most popular celebrity that has a surfer hair is Owen Wilson.

Harajuku Haircut
It came from Japan obviously. Harajuku style of hair is prominent in Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan. The influences of Harajuku hair comes from the combination of Hiphop, Gothic and Anime. Harajuku hair is common to dye a bright color and the hair must be razored. Yet, it is one of the famous hairstyle ever used to date since male from Asia have thus typical hairstyle.

Side Swept Bangs
This is one of the most common haircuts in Hollywood. Zac Efron is good example for a Side Swept Bangs Haircut. It can be more convenient to guys since it doesn't require a lot of hair products. This gives a flattering look and a confident feeling. With a man wearing this kind of haircut, the first thing that another person will look to him is his eyes. Other celebrities who have this kind of haircut are Chace Crawford, Brandon Routh and David Cook.

Cornrow Hairstyle

Hairstyles That Are Geared Towards MenCornrow Hairstyle sometimes referred to us braiding. People who usually have this hairstyle came from the genre of reggae and r&b. It is not just braiding, but the braiding needs to be close in the scalp. Usually, these are made by a straight style, but in cornrow hairstyle, it has a variety of design. Celebrities that are known by having this hairstyle are Allen Iverson and Sean Paul.

These are hairstyles that catered just for men. All of these are geared towards men but some of the haircuts might be liked by women to have.

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