Beach Bunny Swimwear

Beach Bunny Swimwear

If He told you a line of this swimwear was designed by the Kardashians and another by model Irina Shayk, Chrissy Teigen and that the owner was former model Angela Chittenden would you be impressed. Sometimes hot people don't always make hot clothing. This is not one of those situations. Beach Bunny Swimwear is one of the hotter swimwear lines on the market today. They seem to have a collection for anyone: Goddess, Mermaid, Alpha Girl, and Class Act. The Mermaid collection could pretty much double as underwear, as it looks exactly like Hanky Panky style swimwear, which is not a bad thing. Beach Bunny Swimwear is also a major player in the FbyHe GO Cheeky Campaign. Check out the Collections and come back and tell He it's not one of the hottest swimwear lines on the planet, He dares you.

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