Crop Top + Jean Shorts = Summer Look

Crop Top + Jean Shorts = Summer Look

He is a big fan of Crop Tops and Jean Shorts, but there comes a point when you have to realize if you are the right person for this outfit. He isn't hating if you have a few extra lbs or a hundred extra lbs, the thing is no one wants to see it hanging over your shorts and out from under your shirt. It is a very simple concept that some people are not understanding. As much as He really wants to see your ass hanging out of your entirely tooo short shorts it really isn't that attractive. Most of the time He won't complain, will just snap a picture, check you out for a few minutes and move on, but some people are out of control. Same is true for the crop top. Girls are wearing these things and He is seeing rolls pouring out. Muff tops are not suppose to be for the public viewing pleasure. Please check out yourself in the mirror before getting dressed, and if the outfit doesn't fit right, or crop tops aren't for you, it's ok, something else will be for you. Save us all the eye sores.

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