How Do You Wear Your One-Pieces?

How Do You Wear Your One-Pieces?
Bodysuits, one pieces, whatever you want to call them are awesome for summer. He is a big fan, but the problem here is the way people are wearing them. Of course many of the popular ones are lace. The most popular these days, Cotton Spandex Micro-Mesh Gloria-V Bodysuit should never be worn with a bra. We all know that we have seen at least one person in this bodysuit, and unfortunately for He, one person was in a bra. This is a NO Bra outfit, how is that not made clear to you. Ok, now onto other bodysuits. He is a big fan of these when worn with jeans, or jean shorts something along those lines. He can even be okay with them worn with a skirt. Now many of these are lace, and therefore see through. He does not expect you to wear pasties with them, however if you can pull it off, more power to you. For the most part though many girls are going to choose to wear a bra underneath their bodysuit, again not He's first choice but He understands. Try and pick a bra that goes with the style, perhaps a solid color bandeau would work best. Stay away from the lace bras or crazy styles with these tight bodysuits as it looks funky.

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