Can you Guess Whats Going on Here?

Can you Guess Whats Going on Here?
If you click on the picture, you will be able to zoom in which might help. Can you pick out whats wrong or right in this picture? This is exactly why guys like He walk the streets of the world on sunny summer days with a smile on their face.

Women walk outside without a clear idea of how the outfit is going to look in the sun. So this woman walks outside in her sheer dress and her black boy short underwear thinking nothing of it. She was probably safe until He walked up right behind her, saw her amazing ass and took a quick pick. Creepy, sure, but hell isn't that what this blog is based on? Anyway, it is women like this that make the summer so enjoyable. Thank you for making He's lunch time break today, one of the best of the summer so far. (He is an ass man, so this gets extra points)

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