5 Top Short Haircuts For Women

Here's a wonderful example of a short women's haircut inspired for you hair in this year.

1. Short Blonde Hair

 This short blonde hair has micro-fine color variations that range from a soft-cream to pale-ecru, while darkening to a deeper tone at the scalp. This offers a chance for the hair to look more defined and the styling to appear more detailed. The cut is a varied mop-top with a lot of bulk in the top, crown and upper sides tapering with razor-cut layers to hug the scalp. A few extra tendrils that are razor-textured help to frame the face, while the majority of the hair is swept in curved lines, so that the color striations emphasize the lines in the styling. The ends of the fringe are steeply textured and softened to form a smooth, soft edge to finish the look.

2. Short Length Changeling

 In its blown out, straight variation this slightly layered bob is a picture of casual sophistication. The face is framed beautifully by an asymmetrical fringe, some feathering and a smooth curve on the opposite side. the ends are curved inward, however the inside layer peeks out just a touch and flips up as a surprising and refreshing contrast. Her color is a very alluring dark copper. Fine highlights add subtle effects.

3. Very Short Haircut


A burst of star shine is reflected by the texture that flares out from one center high on the side. The hair is arranged in a circle around it, pointing in all directions. From the back it becomes longer towards the front without any disruption and the outline has been drawn with a detailed plan for a clear shape.

The play of order and chaos is just thrilling. The hair color is a baby beige blond that brings much softness to the edgy short haircut. The bangs are long and beautifully jagged.

4. Short and Red

Spice it up with a bright cayenne and cinnamon combo. Two color hairstyles are the cat's meow this season and the options are endless and amazing. With a lot of texture and a layered application of the colors this very short hairstyle is full of life.

Styled simply with a diagonal line in the bangs and straight down around the sides and the back, this adorable little haircut will turn every day into an exciting and stylish one.

5. Short Pixie Haircuts

 Since not all women can be blonde, here’s a look done in a mocha shade of brunette that calls to mind the quasi-unisex styles of the sixties. This short, pixie-type haircut features a fuller top and crown area, and is styled with a texturing product to maximize the hair’s natural wave and create this almost wind-blown effect. The wave in the hair is defined and diffuses the play of the light off the strands, allowing the color to appear even softer and making the look appear more casual, as well as a great deal more sultry.

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