Color And Hairstyle Trends 2015-2016 From Makarizo

Hair is the crown of all women. To that end, the hair needs special care and treatment. Most women do not notice how styles and hair colors suit her character. In fact, the style and the right hair color will make a woman look more attractive. To answer this problem, Makarizo re-launched the trend of the latest hair style and color them in Ocean Ecopark, Ancol Jakarta, Wednesday (06/05/2015).

Titled "Fuzione", Makarizo introduced 16 stylish look and hair color Makarizo. 2015-2016. "Fuzione" is taken from the word "fusion" means the fusion of foreign cultural property with certain era were found while traveling.

Dyah Fitrisally as Strategic Marketing Manager PT. Akasha Wira International Tbk. said that Makarizo carrying blend of cultures and eras. "Fuzione reflected a combination of rich culture and era from four continents, from Europe, Africa, America, and Asia. In today's hair can be seen ahow 8 collection for spring / summer, while 8 footage collection fall / winter will be released next September," he said ,

In the same occasion, Wong Inte, Indonesia Marketing Manager PT. Akasha Wira International Tbk. adding, "Hair Trends Makarizo inspire hairdresser to provide new services to clients. Makarizo Ultimax now have something new. For treatment, there have been new services using the New Honey Dew Makarizo Repair Mask capable of maintaining the hair remains elastic, healthy and shiny despite experiencing straightening, perming, and coloring, "he said.

For you women who are still confused to choose a hairstyle that suits your character, let's find some trends are launched Makarizo haircut, which is a mix of cultures from four different continents.

1. Europe

2. African

3. America

4. Asian

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