Dismantling Beauty Secrets Kajol

Bollywood actress most shining, one of which is Kajol. Despite the 41-year-old right on August 5, a woman who already had two children remain visible begutu fresh, beautiful, and youthful. Awesome.

Many people who admitted he does have a special appeal of his appearance. Try just looking at beautiful brown eyes, even without make-up she was able to bring an aura of elegance and beauty in itself.

Furthermore, we just squawk the secret beauty of the Bollywood star as quoted from page Boldsky, Wednesday (05/08/2015).

Make-up light

People will never see Kajol dress with thick although in the film. He prefers natural make-up and simple to blend nude color with gloss, including for the eyes.

Sport is important

According to him, a very effective exercise to keep her always in good health. As a person who likes different kinds of food and likes to experiment with new foods, if it is `khilaf` he will exercise for 90 minutes each day.

Sleep is important

It might sound classic, but Kajol admits that beauty and health are influenced by the quality and quantity of sleep. If the healthy physical, mental, will be healthy. Every day, Kajol sleep at least eight hours.

Drink lots of water

Water is essential to expel waste and toxins in the body so that the skin will be glowing. This is the simple things that do Kajol to make young and beautiful always.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Approximately 50 percent of the food consumed Kajol are fruits and vegetables. Women who often played alongside Shahrukh Khan is maintaining healthy, glowing skin, and her face was always fresh with consuming natural vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.

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